About Us

CounterAct HQ provides specialist close protection, threat and risk profile analysis for clients of stalking and domestic abuse situations. Founded by experienced senior management professionals we draw on a wealth of experience and are a team of true experts in our respective fields.

We take a proactive approach, developing confidential protection services that answers the needs of our clients. We review the case in detail, assessing typology and potential threats. We specialize in resolving incidents when the police are unable to intervene or people feel it is a private matter.

We are called upon to provide security staffing and expertise that deliver the most efficient and effective solution. Protection is a question of balance – in other words, allowing the freedom for the client to interact freely in public, whilst maintaining an active security presence. We focus on identifying the problem and defining the solutions.

London Violence Against Women Infographic

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist people affected by stalking, domestic abuse and other threats, by providing specialist close protection and consultancy across London.

CounterAct believe that when dealing with incidents, all personnel should be skilled listeners, analysts and advisers, with excellent people skills and the right attitude. These five principles underpin our best practice.

We understand your trust in us is not given lightly. This is why everything we do is done in a professional manner and with due diligence according to your wishes and instructions.

The CounterAct protection concept is founded on the idea that targets of fixated stalking and domestic abuse sometimes need more than a protection order to ensure their immediate safety.  The police can respond to incidents that are reported but are unable to prevent situations escalating. It is this gap that is the reason for our existence.

“At a time when I felt at my most vulnerable and unable to sleep due to the anxiety, this situation was causing,  the police were no help! I felt that they were not taking the threat seriously and wouldn't until I turned up dead. 

CounterAct stepped in and was the only thing that made me feel safe. They helped me stop feeling like a victim and address the issues head-on. Contacting them was the best thing I could have done!”

 SB London

Our Work

When you require specialist protection help, finding the right solution is critical.

We assist by offering personal protection expertise and counter-stalking services to people from all walks of life and in varying phases of the cycle of abuse and fixated behaviour. In our experience, no two incidents are the same; we will work with you and determine what options may work best for you.

Domestic abuse and stalking are sensitive issues and when accepting an assignment, we listen to and assess individual client needs. This allows clear parameters to be set and an appropriate case management created with expert security support, personal attention and a responsive service.

We create a barrier between you and the perpetrator, effectively reducing the opportunity for confrontation or harassment. All operations are planned, implemented, monitored and controlled to pre-empt potential incidents thereby cutting the risk of unnecessary problems.

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CounterAct is managed by fiercely dedicated individuals who bring expertise, compassion and mindful leadership to our work. Each individual has the necessary skills, expertise and credentials to lead an exceptional team in exceptional circumstances.

Our approach is dynamic and innovative so that we can accommodate all your protection requirements. Our team will assist you with a ”can be done” approach – our aim is to be an integral asset to all our clients.

We operate in a specialized field, geared towards providing exceptional service. We are committed to customizing our service through open and honest communication, the development of trust and respect for our clients, our team and our co-workers. Our diverse team is accurate and persistent, with the ability to develop ideas quickly and approach problems logically. We aim to provide a consistently exceptional service because nothing less will do.

“I have known the founder of CounterAct HQ and utilised for personal security for over 15 years working with my artists including, Shania Twain, Ryan Dan, Five and others. The service received is of an extremely high standard and he has proved to be totally knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of Close Protection”


Richard Beck
Managing Director
Supernova Entertainment

Our Team

The role of a Close Protection Operative – or bodyguard – is a growing one. It may have a glamorous image but it is not just about protecting celebrities and public figures. People from all walks of life need protection. CounterAct has a part to play in ensuring that our working and social environments stay safe.

With this in mind, our operatives are trained above and beyond SIA licence training standards. This means any of our Close Protection Operatives who work alongside clients in high-risk situations will have a deep understanding of the issues and risks. Our training programme has been specifically developed to meet the need of working with clients affected by the fixated behaviour or domestic violence.

Our male and female SIA Licenced close protection operatives come from various backgrounds including protection work and the military. They support clients on an on-going basis, are personally attentive, provide a responsive service and manage the entire security requirements.

“ The attention to detail and experience is exceptional, their ability to resolve issues quickly and efficiently contributed hugely to resolving any issues. In all cases we have had outstanding results from concept implementation to coordination and the follow up has been excellent.” 

Remi Kabaka