Internet Safety Tips

This information may be helpful to you, please know it is not meant to be the only source of safety information you may need. It is important you get professional help to create a safety plan specific for your situation.

Technology is ever-changing, and it can be used to jeopardize your safety or as a means to keep you safe. Dominating behaviour is part of domestic violence, partners and stalkers can use technology to observe the persons' online activities.


Internet: Be aware as you use a computer, it could be monitored, when using the internet your history of places you view are stored the computer. Purchases and bills are tracked and emails can be retrieved. Locate a computer that is safe such as, library, work or internet café. Keep this in mind when surfing the net for private plans, legal issues, shelters and support services.


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Email: If perpetrator has access to your email account, Open an alternative email account they do not know about on a secure PC. Only use that email for private communications and your safety plans. Try to maintain appearances by keeping your monitored account active with non-critical emails.


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Mobile phones: Mobile phones can be a help or a hindrance, tracking your exact location in real time. Calls and text history can also be retrieved by an abusive partner. Additionally, a location tracking app can be installed on your phone. Consider factory resetting the mobile device or purchasing a pay as you go phone that you keep in a safe place to allow you to make private calls.


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Social Media: Only post things you want people to see. Once it’s online, it’s no longer private. Be protective of your personal information. Your phone number and address enable people to contact you directly, and details like your birth date, the schools you attended, your employer and photos with landmarks may make it easier for someone to find where you live, hang out or go to work.


Be Aware: Some stalkers and abusers try to locate their victims using various methods including tracking through National insurance number, bank account details, credit reports, telephone records of family, friends or the persons requests for documentation of her former life. It is extremely difficult for a parent attempting to leave with children, since it is hard to change identities without the other parent's knowledge. In addition, most schools report specific information on children.