Domestic Prevention

We take a unique approach to the issue of domestic violence by providing the victim with access to specifically trained SIA Licensed Close Protection.

Personal safety can be an on-going concern for many people affected by violence and abuse. Each survivor’s situation is unique, so every safety plan we create is individual. We work with you by safety planning so that the risks you face are identified, managed and minimised. We identify resources and options, and brainstorm steps we can take to increase your safety.

Our service comprises of several steps, all of which mitigate the possibility of continued abuse, threats or injury to persons. Our end goal is to build self-esteem and confidence by focusing on what the client needs and how we can help them to make sound personal decisions, resolve issues and move forward.

When attending incidents, personnel will be sympathetic, diplomatic and utilise their training and experience in conflict resolution to ensure a safe environment for the client under protection.

We offer comprehensive protection in domestic abuse incidents by:

Planning and implementing flexible security measures on a case by case basis.

Encouraging resilience and security awareness with focus on increasing safety, reducing isolation and fear.

Supporting our client during property retrieval, court appearances and child contact arrangements.

Contributing to networking among support services.


Counter Stalking

Fame and celebrity are glamorous: there are the award shows, the work benefits, and the overall recognition for your work and talent. But there are downfalls to celebrity status, such as obsessed fans and stalkers.

Social media has had an impact too, bringing more people to public attention. The more people that follow you on social media, the more fans you have and the greater the chance of an unstable person becoming an obsessive fan or stalker.

At CounterAct, we recognize that personal safety, privacy and freedom from harassment are not only the concern of VIPs and celebrities. We maintain protection at all times, restricting communication, threats or potential attack by the perpetrator.

Our counter-stalking service has been designed to empower clients, whether a celebrity or member of the public who have been affected by stalking, or for people fearing the release of a perpetrator to live their lives without intimidation and fear.

Our specialist counter-stalking service:

Places targeted person at the centre of the protective process.

Provides legal assistance via injunctions and protection orders.

Coordinates travel requirements, minimising disruption to employment, journeys and family routines.

Confidential and discrete service for targeted person’s – further information upon request.

Close Protection

Close Protection is the pinnacle of the private security industry and as much as it is varied, it is challenging.

CounterAct are the first in close protection to offer expert counter stalking to individuals who face a variety of risks that may include press, paparazzi, stalkers, kidnapping threats, protesters and more

Our close protection service will give you the confidence you need to live your life, without fear of reprisal or assault. We can provide one on one protection or a complete team (including advance personnel) as well as security trained drivers.  

The CounterAct team are ready to protect those who rely on them to establish a controlled environment and need an elevated level of protection, whether this is at home, at work, whilst travelling, attending events and so on. If you feel your safety is compromised, expert personal security is the best way to prevent an incident before it arises.

We offer innovative security solutions and insight provided at all levels through:

Executive protection optimises situational awareness to ensure security at work or travelling.  

Network of resources and service options, allows outsourcing on a one time or on a long-term basis.

Complete security solutions through a managed service.

Security operational planning and safe route reconnaissance.

Security Services

Security is of the utmost importance and we provide a great service with our highly trained security personnel who ensure that you are protected, night and day.

We ensure accurate and effective security solutions by assigning a security coordinator to manage and effectively coordinate all your security arrangements. All our personnel have extensive training combined with a minimum 3 years of experience, as well as excellent people skills. We have a ‘can do’ attitude whilst displaying true professionalism in our performance, communication and presentation.

We are called upon to provide security staffing and expertise that deliver the most efficient and effective solution. Security is a question of balance – in other words, allowing the freedom for the client to interact freely in public, whilst maintaining an active security presence. We focus on identifying the problem and defining the solutions.

Our security services include:



VIP & Corporate Events

Extensively Trained Male & Female Personnel  

Travel & Leisure

Emergency Response Team

K9 Protection


When accepting an assignment, active dialogue and consultation is a key feature of each project undertaken, from the definition of objectives to planning and protecting, our approach is dynamic, innovative and results driven.

Our consultants undertake an assessment, using your strategic objectives as a starting point and then submit a plan of operation for consideration. We’re not just about the planning; we’ll get our sleeves rolled up and help you design the perfect security solutions, Whether you’re taking your first steps or expanding what’s already there.

From this analysis, we offer tailored solutions to your specific requirements but we understand that situations and risks are fluid and changeable, which is why we have the ability and skills to adapt quickly.

We operate in a specialized field, striving to provide excellent customer service. The only way we know to proceed is with open and respectful communication between us and you, the client. Building mutual trust means a productive and responsive service, in which your integrity is maintained and supported.

Our Consulting team undertakes a specialist analysis of the risks a client faces by:

Conducting security reviews, CCTV and evacuation procedures.

Agreeing security policies and procedures to be followed in event of an incident.

Ensuring integrity and client reputation throughout out period of involvement.